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wedding dj with turntables

"Hands down the best decision we made. The lighting and the music made it the perfect night!" - Kelsi R.

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About You

We know exactly how it feels to be engaged, and all the pressures of finding the right vendors. So you've decided on your venue - you're not out of the woods yet. Finalizing what centerpieces and flower arrangements to use can be tough decisions. Booking your DJ shouldn't be one. You should enjoy it just as much as your cake tasting. Music is what we do. It’s not rocket science, but we do have our own secret sauce.


We love what we do as professionals, and providing  a high level of services and attention to detail is just part of what we do. We pride ourselves in the ability to understand and feel the crowd. As DJs, we do more than just play music. It's all about creating the right experience for you and your guests. All of our mixes are performed live - with turntables. The music is specifically tailored to fit your taste and that of your guests. Once we get started, it’s a memorable experience until the last song. But enough about us…

We like to meet and talk with all of our clients, before signing anything on the dotted line. Our ideal clients champion our same values. Honesty, trust and communication - these all go a long way into making any relationship work. When we book a wedding, we are getting more than just another client, we are creating a new partnership. 


You’ve asked us to share with you what will be one of the most memorable moments in your life - that’s a big deal! It doesn't stop after the last song is played or when shoes come off at the end of the night. Some of our fondest memories have come after the wedding, when we can all sit back and trade stories from an amazing night. We never forgot those special moments, and neither will you.

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Boston's Premiere Wedding team

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